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Here is Why Cold Air is not Being Blown by Your Air Conditioner

Currently, you will find an air conditioner in many houses. This is important so as to regulate the air temperature in the room. For people that live in the cities, this is very important to have. Just by buying a high-quality air conditioner and having it well installed, it will be durable. Similar to any man-made device after some time you should expect the air conditioner to have some problems. One of the more common problems when it comes to air conditioners is that factor that they some times stop blowing cold air. Because this is a condition that is very common, it is important that you learn more about it here.

The reason as to why there will be no cold air being blown by the air conditioner is that the air conditioner could have some settings which are not correct. As simple as this looks, this is one of the many causes for not having cold air from the air conditioner. When you think this could be the problem, just take your time and configure the settings of the air conditioner. Here make sure that all the air conditioner’s settings are in line. Just by perusing through the air conditioner manual, you can be aware of the right settings.

If the air conditioner is not blowing cold air its air filters could be blocked. The blockage is very common and it takes place over a long period. the main reason for the air filters being blocked is that as it filters the air coming into the air conditioner, some of the filtered out dust particles just stay there in the air filter. You will have no incidences of this issue if the cleaning of the air filters is never forgotten.

Blockage of the outside condenser of the air conditioner is also another very common reason for an air conditioner not blowing cold air. More people will easily neglect the exterior matters of an air conditioner as compared to the inside matters. This will block the airflow hence no cold air is formed. Unclog the outside condenser to fix this.

The last reason why an air conditioner will not be blowing cold air is that the air ducts in the air conditioner are very leaky. The air ducts usually wear out after a long time. For this problem you will need a trained air conditioner repairer.

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